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⭐️1lb sausages
⭐️1lb mince
⭐️1lb cubed stew
⭐️2 x steak
⭐️4 X burger
⭐️Sample of our apple wood smoked venison salami
Naturally lean, high protein, delicious venison.
Why not give it a try?
£30 for a taster box.
(Collection locations arranged, prepayment required)
Laura – 07764684435

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Situated on the tranquil shores of Lough Erne, on the island of Inishmore, in County Fermanagh, our red deer herd are free to roam on the edge of Lough Erne through fields of lush, meadow grasses framed by the backdrop of arching drumlins and the changing seasons. Our climate is mild, with plenty of Irish rain and sunshine, providing a happy, natural habitat for our deer to live and graze. They can often be found wallowing in muddy wet areas near the water’s edge.

Inishmore venison offers delicious, slow grown, sustainably reared meat which is naturally lean, high in iron, a source of healthy protein and totally synthetic hormone free. Our animals are guaranteed for their age and quality, with the highest standards of chilling, processing and hanging procedures.

Our venison is of course fantastically tasty and available all year round.

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